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Sorry, I just couldn’t resist: Twelve views of Cyclone Chapala in one psychedelic animated gif

After posting earlier today about Cyclone Chapala, I wasn’t intending to do another one — until I spotted the unusual animation above over at the blog of the Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies.

Being a child of the ’60s, well, I just could resist its psychedelic draw. (Make sure to click on the image to watch it as an animation.)

For details about the storm, please see my earlier post: Cyclone Chapala strengthens rapidly over record-warm water, aims for unusual

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The first breathtaking images are in from Cassini’s close encounter with Enceladus, Saturn’s ‘geyser moon’

As NASA’s Cassini spacecraft dove toward Enceladus on October 28, its cameras captured a trove of visual data — and today, the first images have reached home. I think you’ll agree that they are truly breathtaking.

Cassini captured the image above from an altitude of 38,000 miles above the surface of the icy planet. The spacecraft was racing toward the south polar region of Saturn’s moon, located below the wavy ridge-like features toward the bottom.

And here’s what it saw as it skimmed

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