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High energy articles spraying from a hole in the Sun may trigger the aurora borealis south of Chicago and New York

You read the headline right: There is indeed a “hole” in the Sun.

To be more precise, there’s an area where the density of plasma in the solar atmosphere, or corona, is much lower than the surroundings, creating a dark splotch on the Sun’s face.

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Called a “coronal hole,” it’s a region where magnetic field lines are open. This allows a stream of charged particles to spray out into space. And as the video linked from the image above sho

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Cardiovascular Innovations and Applications journal launches at the 26th GW-ICC meeting

Cardiovascular Innovations and Applications (CVIA), a new journal affiliated with the Great Wall-International Congress of Cardiology, was introduced today at the opening ceremony of GWICC by Congress Chairman Prof. Changsheng Ma. C. Richard Conti, MD, past president of the American College of Cardiology and former Editor of Clinical Cardiology, was appointed Editor-in-Chief of the new journal and has published its first issue to coincide with the 26th GW-ICC meeting in Oct. 2015 Beijing, China.

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China’s ‘Dark Forest’ Answer to ‘Star Wars’ Optimism

Many of the most beloved science fiction films and TV shows feature humans and intelligent aliens coming together to form a larger interstellar society. The “Star Trek” stories have their United Federation of Planets, while the “Star Wars” stories feature a galaxy-spanning civilization far, far away that goes by lofty names such as “The Republic” or “The Galactic Empire.” But a Chinese science fiction trilogy coming to the big screen in 2016 takes a far darker view on how humans and other in

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China’s Tale of First Contact with Aliens

Humanity’s first encounter with intelligent extraterrestrial life would undoubtedly have a huge impact on how we see our place in the universe. But could first contact also affect technological progress and spur technology leaps on Earth? That question becomes one of many driving forces in the fascinating “Three-Body” book trilogy by Cixin Liu, a Chinese writer who has become the bestselling author of science fiction in China.

Liu’s trilogy has steadily gained public attention since the f

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Your Average, Everyday Zombie

She came out of nowhere.

All of a sudden, you are set upon by a flying nightmare whose body shines iridescent green. Limbs intertwine as she fights to subdue you. You struggle; every muscle in your body tenses and flexes as you try to fling the emerald harpy off your back, but you feel her jaws clamp down, and she remains attached.

Terrified, you helplessly twist and contort, unable to shake her. Then you feel it — she stabs her needle-like stinger into your abdomen. Your legs tingle,

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Halloween Horrors from the Archives

Halloween is my favorite time of year, and my obsession with the queer and supernatural wonders of the natural world – namely horrifying parasites and bizarro infections – regularly overflows into the Body Horrors blog.
So in celebration of All Hallows’ Eve, a night of masquerade and devilry, I present a small selection – no small task, trust me! – of the more sinister and spine-tingling articles from the Body Horrors archives. All tricks, no treats! Enjoy.

The Bestial Virus: The Infec

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